Agency Search and Compensation

It’s a search, not a pitch.

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Agency Search and Selection

Every client wants to find a “creative” agency. Yet creativity is in the eye of the beholder and often subjective. We believe in spending the necessary time upfront on needs assessment so the right agency candidates are identified. We then define and get agreement on the guidelines for selection.

Agency Scope of Work Management

We believe in a thorough and honest scope that is shared with agency candidates early in the process. Failure to properly define the work and the probable cost is only setting up both parties for disappointment.

Agency Compensation

If the scope is accurate, the compensation is probably going to be fair and effective for both parties. We never leave compensation until the end of the process and believe it must be discussed well before the finals.

Agency Contracts

We have been involved with hundreds of contracts and know best practices. We always advise our clients to develop the contract prior to the finals. This helps avoid situations where, for example, a year into a relationship the contract still isn’t signed.

Agency Performance Incentive Planning

More and more clients and agencies are interested in some form of incentive. We have vast experience in numerous compensation models, even for complex organizations where the agency’s work isn’t the only contribution to success.

hourglass   How long does a search take? View sample process timeline