Partners Outside NYC

Joanne Davis Consulting Inc. is a shareholder partner in SCAN International.

As more of our U.S. based clients requested our help with multi-national agencies, Joanne Davis looked for multi-national consulting partners.  At the same time, SCAN International was looking for a like-minded U.S. based partner. In early 2006, we came together and have since successfully collaborated for numerous multi-national clients.

SCAN International offers clients the unique expertise of specialized consultancies that represent almost a dozen cultural backgrounds and share an unparalleled experience in the field of agency relationships, agency selection and compensation.  International marketing and communications is very complex work and it is mission critical to balance international vision and local knowledge of markets and agencies.

Joanne Davis Consulting has recently entered into a joint venture relationship with Bob Wolf Partners/TPG (Los Angeles) to ensure better geographic coverage within the U.S. and share proprietary research/benchmarking data to better serve our clients.

Global Representation Includes:





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